Friday, July 24, 2015

Great Eastern Smart Extender Max

Well, you if have been reading newspaper lately, you may come across Great Eastern launched their new product called Smart Extender Max. They promoted heavily "RM 1 Million Medical Coverage Extension for RM100 a month!"

So what is Smart Extender Max?
Is an extended/stretch coverage for your medical expenses limit (Annual limit/Lifetime limit) on your existing medical card (regardless of any other insurance companies).

So how does it works? Let's give you an example

Mr.X had a existing medical card with annual limit of RM100K. He purchased Smart Extender Max (SEM) with RM100K deductible and was admitted into hospital in Aug, Sept and Oct with medical bill of RM40K each month totaling to RM120K. The first RM100K will be paid by Mr.X existing medical insurance and the remaining RM20k will be payable under SEM100K.

As a consumer standpoint, what is the catch?
Simple, if so happen you have max-ed out your existing medical card lifetime limit and you admitted again next year with a medical bill of RM50K, Smart Extender Max will not be payable because the deductible amount is RM100K. In short, Smart Extender Max is payable (on remaining amount) medical bill above RM100K.

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